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Compostable Sandwich Bags 01Compostable Sandwich Bags 01

Compostable & Resealable Sandwich Bags – 25pk

Snacking on the go? Ditch the trashy single-use plastic bag and make the switch to a compostable and reusable alternative! BioBag’s Resealable Sandwich Bags are made from a breathable plant based resin sourced in Italy and manufactured in the USA from GMO free crops. Perfect for sandwiches and snacks, both the bag and the resealable zipper are certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute, and meet the US Standard ASTM D6400 for commercial compostability. Keep food fresher, longer, and our planet plastic-free with these unique storage bags!





"Compostable, Certified Compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute and ASTM D6400, ensuring these bags will compost rapidly and safely when placed in a municipal or commercial composting facility, Product packaged in plastic-free and recyclable packaging Ships in recyclable packaging made from recycled content, Reduces reliance on plastic-based zipper bags for food storage, Made from a resin that is based on GMO free crops Plastic-free and BPA-free, Made from Mater-Bi, an innovative family of bioplastics derived from the starches of plants, vegetable oils, and compostable polymers, "

Made for Sustainable Living

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