The Imperfect Eco is a website dedicated to promoting imperfect sustainable living. Based in New Jersey, we highlight local environmental action from individuals, non-profits, businesses, leaders, and companies. Our mission is to educate and engage audiences on eco-friendly living, community action, and how to contribute to saving the planet.

You can join our community and make a positive impact by embracing eco-friendly choices in your daily life. The goal is to transition our purchases and habits towards a regenerative culture. Together, we can bring about meaningful change.

We are dedicated to driving expansive collective action for environmental protection and sustainable technologies. We believe in demanding an immediate response to the climate crisis from leaders and companies. By highlighting the importance of individual actions and advocating for systemic changes, we strive to create a more sustainable future.

The products offered by The Imperfect Eco are chosen with sustainability in mind. We prioritize products that have a lower impact on the environment by using fewer chemicals, reducing plastic and packaging waste, and avoiding harmful contaminants. We look for certifications from external parties and seek out brands that align with our mission of promoting eco-friendly and zero-waste options. By selecting products made from regenerative materials, compostable or recyclable materials, and those that contribute to a circular economy, we aim to provide sustainable choices for our customers.

The Imperfect Eco chooses brand partners through a careful selection process. We prioritize brands that are committed to sustainability and social justice. We look for companies that put the environment and community first, seeking those that actively work to change consumption patterns and find sustainable solutions for everyday products. By partnering with brands that share our values, we aim to support positive change and encourage the transition to more sustainable lifestyles.

The Imperfect Eco aims to mobilize and recognize community members prioritizing the planet’s well-being. We strive to showcase individuals and organizations that lead the way toward a sustainable future and deserve recognition in the media. Through collaboration with the tri-state area and beyond, we promote green living practices and encourage active participation in the growing environmental movement.

We understand that transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle can be challenging and that accessible options are not always readily available. However, we partner with brands actively changing consumption patterns and finding sustainable solutions for everyday products. While we acknowledge that excessive buying and consumption are not sustainable, we promote long-lasting purchases from companies committed to positive change. By supporting innovative, environmentally friendly solutions and technologies, we aim to challenge the practices of large corporations that contribute significantly to the climate crisis.

The goals of The Imperfect Eco include:
  • Sharing environmental news and sustainable innovations in New Jersey communities and around the world.
  • Collaborating with community members and organizations to promote green education.
  • Partnering with organizations that strive to meet environmentally friendly goals.
  • Reducing plastic production, carbon emissions, and toxic chemicals.
  • Protecting animal and human rights by advocating for good working and lifestyle conditions.
  • Encouraging mindful shopping that focuses on meaningful and long-term products.
  • Utilizing materials that are easier to recycle, biodegrade, or compost, and ultimately working towards a circular economy.
  • Fostering global connections across socio-economic levels, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, and humans.
  • Providing products and resources that support planetary responsibility and care.
  • Committing to evolving with updated science and embracing growth by learning from mistakes.
  • Empowering individuals to make an impact and change their lifestyles towards zero waste and regenerative culture.

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