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The Imperfect Eco is a website made for imperfect sustainable living. We are based in New Jersey and spotlight local environmental action from individuals, non-profits, businesses, leaders, and companies. Our mission is to educate and engage audiences on eco-friendly living, community action, and how to get involved with saving the planet.

Join this community, making an impact with everyday decisions. The goal is to move our purchases and habits toward regenerative culture.

We constantly work towards expansive collective action for environmental protection and sustainable technologies. As individuals, we must demand an immediate response to the climate crisis from leaders and companies.


-Anne Marie Bonneau


From science to politics, it’s easy to feel helpless during the climate crisis. We strive to mobilize and recognize community members that operate with the planet in mind. Individuals and organizations are paving the way for a sustainable future and deserve to be at the forefront of media.

This network collaborates with the tri-state area and worldwide to implement green living practices. Stay connected to the growing environmental movement that needs your help. We can all make eco-friendly changes from a local educational facility to a prominent manufacturer.

Think globally and act locally.


We are The Imperfect Eco. We are still learning. It can be a challenge to create less waste and find accessible brands. Let’s work to change our lifestyles.

We partner with brands that change consumption patterns and find sustainable solutions for everyday products. Although buying and creating more is not sustainable, we promote long-lasting purchases with companies committed to change.

Industrialized lifestyles are dependent on manufactured goods. First, try to limit purchases and reuse things you have. Then, choose companies that are innovative in environmentally friendly solutions and technologies. These steps combat large corporations that overwhelmingly contribute to the climate crisis.

Help us create space for imperfect environmentalists. It is essential to acknowledge that the way modern capitalism operates does not add intrinsic value to the environment. Perhaps, this is a step.

Choose conscious brands. Find purchases that empower you today.


Share environmental news and sustainable innovations in New Jersey communities and around the world

Collaborate with community members and organizations promoting green education

Partner with organizations meeting environmentally friendly goals

Reduce plastic production, carbon emissions, and toxic chemicals

Protect animal and human rights with good working and lifestyle conditions

Encourage mindful shopping that limits purchases to meaningful and long term products

Utilize materials that are easier to recycle, biodegrade, or compost and ultimately reach a circular economy

Commit to evolving with updated science and growing to learn from mistakes

Connect globally with all socio-economic levels, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, and humans

Provide products and resources that help us step towards planetary responsibility and care

Help to empower individuals to make an impact and change their lifestyles towards zero waste and regenerative culture

Made for Sustainable Living

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