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Biobag 13 Gallon 02Biobag 13 Gallon 02

Biobag 13 Gallon Compostable Kitchen Bag – 48 pk

Ditch the plastic trash bags! Did you know that normal trash bags take 500 years to break down in landfills? This bulk pack of 13-gallon kitchen bags are compostable and help you reduce your household’s dependency on plastic. These bags are also great if you have a large compost bin or own a business that disposes of compostable items in large quantities.





"Compostable, Certified Compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute ASTM D6400, ensuring these bags will compost rapidly and safely when placed in a municipal or commercial composting facility, Made from a resin that is based on GMO free crops Plastic-free and BPA-free, Product packaged in plastic-free and recyclable packaging Ships in recyclable packaging made from recycled content, Reduces reliance on plastic-based trash bags, Made from Mater-Bi, an innovative family of bioplastics derived from the starches of plants, vegetable oils, and compostable polymers"

Made for Sustainable Living

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