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Sustainable Plant Food

Give your plants an eco-friendly boost with the Sustainable Plant Food from DEN Sustainable Soils! Featuring an all-natural formula that’s built around OurCarbon™ BioChar – sequestered carbon made from organic waste diverted from landfills – this plant food is better for your plants and the planet. This mixture is designed to supercharge your soil with everything a growing, green plant needs. Simply mix it in during repotting, and watch your plants thrive! Plus, from its fir bark that comes from nearby FSC certified forests to its worm castings made by happy, California worms, DEN ensures they source all of their ingredients within 500 miles of their Bay Area office — cutting down on transportation emissions!





"Packaging Packaged in recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable cardboard tube with a compostable label Ships in recyclable packaging Shipping packaging made from recycled content Origin Packaged in San Francisco All ingredients are sourced within 500 miles of Bay Area Made Without Does not include peat moss, synthetic ingredients, or perlite Certifications Primary ingredient is OurCarbon™ BioChar Includes ingredients that are approved by OMRI, a nonprofit organization that independently reviews products to be used in certified organic production and processing Ingredients OurCarbon™ Biochar, Kelp, Alfalfa, Neem Seed Meal, Greensand, Granular Humic Acids, Microna Aglime, Oyster Shell, Azomite, Basalt, Granular Root Growth, Mycorrizae"

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