Safety Razor by EcoRoots

“πŸͺ’ (billion) single-use plastic razors are thrown away each year!

You can change these ugly numbers and shave guilt-free!

These gorgeous chic Rose-Gold Safety Razor and Black Safety Razor will leave your skin silky and smooth, with less chance of hair getting trapped under your skin. 🌡 With just one single blade, our zero-waste razor provides a close shave without razor burn. 🦡 The best results are seen when you use our organic shaving soap and this vegan exfoliant.”




"♻️ Made from zinc alloy and stainless steel. Can be recycled. πŸ’β€β™€οΈ One blade = no shaving burns, bumps and ingrown hairs. Only pass once over your skin to achieve the smoothest shave. πŸ’° Less expensive in the long run, when your blade gets dull, replace it and reuse the razor! πŸ’š Comes with 5 complementary blades 🀩 Great weight & looks gorgeous on your bathroom!"

Made for Sustainable Living

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