Hemp Pyramid Cat Toy 01Hemp Pyramid Cat Toy 01

Hemp Pyramid Cat Toy

Crinkly and catnip filled, your cat will love the Hemp Pyramid Cat Toy from Boba & Vespa! Made with a hemp canvas outer, and filled with organic cotton, organic catnip, and crinkly buckwheat hulls, this toy makes a subtle sound for your kitty. It’s perfect for cats who like to bop objects around. Plus, it’s plastic-free and compostable at the end of its life!





"Compostable, Hemp, Made in the USA, Organic Content, Plastic Free, Fabric: Hemp Canvas Fill: Organic Cotton, Organically Grown Catnip, Buckwheat Hulls Thread: Organic Cotton Label: Cotton, Ships plastic free in recyclable shipping packaging Shipping packaging made from recycled content cardboard, 99% of all pet products are made with or packaged in plastic – Boba & Vespa works to change that with their natural, plastic-free pet products! This product is made with hemp, a naturally renewable resource that grows without pesticides, Plastic-free Toxic Dyes, Made in Los Angeles, California, USA, "

Made for Sustainable Living

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