Holiday Shopping in New Jersey Sustainable Stores

Wander down these historic main streets to shop at these women-owned and eco-friendly sustainable stores. Learn from these community leaders and change-makers! These small business owners started their zero-waste journeys at home and are now teaching others in their communities how to live sustainably. You can refill or shop eco-friendly stocking stuffers, gifts, and everyday must-haves.

Our “Earth Hero” Partnership

The Imperfect Eco is excited to announce our partnership with Earth Hero. Earth Hero is an online marketplace for eco-friendly products. You will support our sustainable lifestyle mission by switching to alternative household products on their website through any link on The Imperfect Eco.

Sea Hear Now: New Jersey’s Sustainable Music Festival

Sea Hear Now is a top-sustainable music festival on the East Coast. The concerts, art, and events rock on the beach and along the boardwalk while being planet friendly. Sea Hear Now connects the community and sustainability through food, drinks, nonprofits, art, and surfing. In 2018, the festival won singer-songwriter Jack Johnson’s “All At Once Sustainability Award” for U.S. festivals.