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Lines on the Pines celebrates NJ Pine Barrens & sustainability in South Jersey

The Lines on the Pines is an annual event in south jersey to celebrate the NJ Pine Barren community, culture, and humanities. In March, Artists, authors, and organizations come together to sell their work, spread their mission, and collaborate on the “piney culture.” Acknowledging the arts and handmade work inspired by the nationally recognized ecology keeps the passion for pine trees, sugar sand, and cedar creeks alive.

First, when you walk onto Stockton University Campus, you know you are deep in the NJ Pine Barrens. The university buildings display the art of cranes, tall green grasses, and ecology centered photography. At the Campus Center, the vendors are sprawled in various rooms and hallways to explore. Don’t forget to grab your favorite local IPA from Pinelands Brewing to sip while you shop!

Vendors use NJ Pine Barrens as inspiration for arts in South Jersey

The vendors at Lines on the Pines at Stockton University in south jersey represent various skills inspired by the NJ Pine Barrens. The vendors posted yearly on Lines on the Pines Facebook page and shown below:

Pinelands vs. the Pine Barrens in South Jersey

The pinelands and NJ pine barrens are standard terms used to describe the landscape of south jersey. In south jersey, you can find pine trees for miles. You can also find sandy soil and creeks the color of cedar. This area has created a culture of chickens, cranberry, and living aligned with nature. The Pinelands Preservation Alliance explains the difference between pinelands and pine barrens:

“Pine Barrens and Pinelands are used interchangeably by some, but they each have different meanings. The Pine Barrens is an ecological term that is used to described habitats that are comprised of sandy nutrient poor soils, acidic water and soil and fire adapted plant communities.

The New Jersey Pine Barrens is the “ecological” term that describes the unique, beautiful and fascinating ecosystem and natural treasure that covers most of southern New Jersey. (See: New Jersey Pine Barrens vs. NJ Pinelands: What’s the Difference?)

The Pinelands is the legal or political term that describes the 1.1 million acres in south Jersey that is subject to the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan.”

The importance of celebrating the NJ Pine Barrens

Celebrating local artists and the NJ Pine Barrens culture is vital to protect and preserve the ecosystem that support clean water, clean air, and human health, depending on the natural surroundings. Lines on the Pines acknowledges the underground artists working to keep the passion for the NJ pine barrens going for generations. From basket weavers to soap makers there is a sustainable use of local materials. This builds community and is mindful of the intrinsic value the local ecology provides. Keeping this national reserve clean is directly related to pollutants that can cause health problems like diseases and cancer.

The Lines on the Pines event & Sustainability

Lastly, the Lines on the Pines appreciate local natural resources. The artists and workers participating in this south jersey event display art made and inspired by local ecology. For example, there are authors and stories based on pinelands trails, woodworks built from pine trees, and even jewelry made from remnants of old glass factories.

This community celebrates handmade local work from the NJ Pine Barrens. This supports the use of local natural resources and limits the depletion of foreign natural resources. When you shop local and support local, you limit resources being shipped worldwide and energy wasted. By participating in and appreciating in local culture, the community teaches younger generations the importance of the pine trees, animals, and all the unique parts of south jersey’s ecosystem.

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Lines on the Pines 2024

Event Details for 2024

Cost: Free

What: Artists, authors, artisans, and vendors passionate about NJ Pine Barrens

When: Sunday, March 10, 2024, 11 AM – 4 PM

Where: Stockton University Campus Center – Galloway, New Jersey

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