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Learn about environmental issues in New Jersey and gain experience working on real-world problems.

Rutgers Environmental Stewards Program

The Rutgers Environmental Stewards Program is leveling the playing field for environmental activists in New Jersey. For over four months, participants from high school to retiree learn tools and techniques to solve local environmental problems. Learn about this college-level program that is accessible and makes a difference across the garden state.

It was an honor to attend the Rutgers Environmental Stewards Program annual summit in November 2022. The event highlighted 2022 internship projects, participants, and certificates. The program trains hundreds of volunteers in critical New Jersey environmental issues every year. The volunteers work to solve local community problems.

The Rutgers Environmental Stewards Program is an affordable way to learn about environmental topics from climate change, soil health, alternative energy, water resource protection, invasive species, habitat conservation, pollinator health, environmental policy, and more.

Over 17 weeks, students meet weekly online and on field trips to learn about science and public policy. Each week new guests and leading professionals from Rutgers, the non-profit sector, scientists, government officials and more teach the course. Stewards learn the techniques and tools used to monitor and assess the environment’s health. One of the most valuable parts of the course is the network of expert individuals and organizations as they wrestle with solving local environmental problems.

Check out the 2023 curriculum:

By the end of the course, participants are encouraged to put their skills to the test through an internship. Working with either an organization, sponsor, or independently you can create a 60-hour project that provides real-world working experience on environmental problems in communities. For example, a project this year included monitoring and providing birdhouses for native species. Some participants made rain gardens, native gardens, and even lanternfly entrapments.

You can check out the database of all the effective and successful internship projects here: https://itsappserver.sebs.rutgers.edu/EnvStewardProj/

Anyone can sign up for this course! Anyone who would like to expand public awareness of scientifically based information related to environmental issues and help create positive change in communities. You don’t need a degree, and the program even encourages high school students to sign up! This is a great way to gain real-world experience and education for less than $300. Scholarships are also available.

Learn more: https://envirostewards.rutgers.edu/

Below is the Rutgers Environmental Stewards 2016 impact report, and the program has only continued to grow!

Join the Rutgers Environmental Stewards Program now! Learn how to protect your community’s local environment and connect to a network of scientists, professionals, and organizations making a difference.

Source: https://envirostewards.rutgers.edu/

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