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Last Minute Eco-Friendly Gifts

– Forget Amazon! –

Choose gifts sourced from socially-good companies, give back to the planet, and reduce carbon emissions.

The holiday season comes with gifts. Check your loved ones off your list with gifts from socially good companies, give back the planet, and reduce carbon emissions. Forget the plastic, toxic, and foreign products from Amazon! During the giving time of year, choose consciously where you buy your gifts from. Shopping at Earth Hero supports sustainability, social justice, ethical production, and more.  Earth Hero strives “to raise the expectation of company accountability to our communities and natural environment.”

Choosing to gift from Earth Hero, you are choosing products that have been sourced against 5 pillars of sustainability. The 5 pillars include Materials & Ingredients, Company Responsibility, Ownership & Representation, Packaging and End of Life, and Give Back. Check each product against these 5 pillars included on the listing; you can know these products are better for your body, the planet, and our communities.

You can shop their website for 15% off with the code LASTMINUTE.

Check out eco-friendly and socially good EARTH HERO SHOPPING LIST:

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