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Give the Gift of Recycling

The Zero Waste Box™ is a one-stop for recycling everything! Everything that isn’t accepted at curbside can be recycled with the Zero Waste Box. If you didn’t know, most plastics aren’t accepted by your municipal recycling. Check out our how to curbside recycle blog post!

Get rid of garbage guilt! Hate the idea of piling more into the trash and then sending waste you can’t recycle to the landfill? From coffee capsules to plastic cutlery to the entire contents of your bathroom, Zero Waste Boxes make it possible to recycle things that are often not accepted through local curbside recycling services.

Around the holidays, cooking, cleaning, gifting, and present opening create 25% more trash during the Thanksgiving to New Year’s holiday period than any other time of year.

Whether you’re the dinner host…

Preparing holiday foods wrapped in plastic, cookies in fancy boxes, and don’t forget take-out in baggies for leftovers! All this waste can be recycled into playgrounds, potting plants, construction piping, and so much more. If you know you’re hosting family gatherings this time of year, manage your waste with the Zero Waste Box. One cost can limit waste, plastics, and harmful chemicals from your community.

Whether you’re involved with organizations…

Gift your workspace or community organization with a Zero Waste Box. You can all come together to cover the costs as a present to one another and the community to better the planet this celebratory time of year. This a gift that keeps on giving and can benefit the group around you. Collect the trash of 5 – 10 people in your family, work department, or community group. Even just a tiny amount of trash kept out of waterways, soil, and toxic waste make a difference for your body.

Whether you’re wrapping gifts…

Wrapping or opening gifts during the season of giving can be messy. There are always a few nights dedicated to tape, paper, and bags! Hopefully, you can use brown paper bags and twine for your gifting. But even opening gifts, someone’s job is to collect all the paper!

Family members will have a trash bag to collect the Christmas waste. There is an excellent tool for a zero-waste holiday: THE ZERO WASTE BOX.

Whether you’re gifting yourself a new lifestyle…

Don’t be afraid to gift yourself this holiday season. The time of giving is a great way to start a new lifestyle. Eco-friendly products in your daily routine can support you in your everyday habits. Switching to the zero-waste box, even just a few times, can show you how much of the day-to-day waste is sent to a landfill.

If ZWB costs aren’t realistic for your lifestyle, you can still use TerraCycle’s Free Recycling Programs. Check out our blog on recycling with TerraCycle for FREE!

Everyone in your family will appreciate this gift…

We all need to limit our waste. Throwaway culture has taken over homes across America. Many everyday products end up in the trash, whether single-use plates or single-use shampoo bottles. The world is moving to become more conscious of throwaway culture. Show your family the sustainable solutions available around a massive time of waste.  

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