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Shop woman-owned and eco-friendly in New Jersey for the holidays.

Wander down these historic main streets to shop at these women-owned and eco-friendly sustainable stores. Learn from these community leaders and change-makers! These small business owners started their zero-waste journeys at home and are now teaching others in their communities how to live sustainably. You can refill or shop eco-friendly stocking stuffers, gifts, and everyday must-haves.

Holiday shopping has officially started. Small Business Saturday is a great way to stimulate the local economy, support local families, and minimize mass production. Throughout December, visit these family-owned, small businesses as you cross everyone off your list. Conscious gifting throughout the holidays can look different for everyone! Whether you buy homemade gifts from a craft fair or use brown paper wrapping, you can gift with purpose.

Refill shops and sustainable stores are popular in New Jersey and all over. You can bring reusable containers to refill up groceries, personal care, and cleaning products. They also source from local companies focused on zero-waste production, less plastic, and social justice missions.

Give back to the community when you shop locally and purchase with a purpose. This holiday season, shop at these women-owned and eco-friendly sustainable stores. These are the perfect shops for plastic-free and zero-waste gifts in New Jersey!

The Garden State has many eco-friendly stores. You can find them below!

Simple Bare Necessities in Sparta Township

The Simple Bare Necessities founder, Mikaela, started her own zero-waste journey and now helps lead others to a sustainable lifestyles. She explains, “when I realized how much destruction was being done to the environment around me, I knew I had to do something more than picking up trash off the ground.” Simple Bare Necessities’ website offers blog posts, recipes, delivery, gift cards, and more.

Visit her store for the necessities that are low waste and plastic-free. You can grab stocking stuffers from soaps, books, candles, and more. For a zero-waste snack basket, you can even fill some jars with candy, coffee, or nuts.

Source: www.sbnzerowaste.com

Dry Goods Refillery in Montclair

The Dry Goods Refillery is plastic-free grocers who gives a fig. Dry Goods Refillery has been discussed in The Guardian, Good Housekeeping, ABC 7, CBS News, and more. Shopping here, you may even run into Corey Booker or Stephen Colbert! The store’s aesthetics and cutting-edge abilities have over 2.9 million views on TikTok.

Plus, the mission of a refill revolution is demonstrated so beautifully. The Drys Goods Refillery describe themselves as “a one-stop-shop for all of your grocery needs and gourmet foods, package, and plastic-free including bulk foods, produce, dairy, and more!” They partner with brands that take action through carbon neutrality, fair trade, small-family organic farming, electric delivery vehicles, and more.

Source: www.drygoodsrefillery.com

Unwrapped in Asbury Park

Walking around Cookman Avenue, The Shoppes at the Arcade will call you into this unique shopping mall. Unwrapped is the refill store downstairs that sometimes has a happy pup sitting outside to greet customers.

Like other refill shops, they offer bulk supplies where you can bring reusables to fill up again and again. Unwrapped also has eco-friendly household products and gifts for your family and friends this holiday season!

Source: unwrapped.earth Photo: Futon World

Mimosa Goods in Bordentown City

Located in historic downtown Bordentown City, Farnsworth Avenue is a quaint place to walk along the Delaware River. The store’s mission focuses on ethically made / fair trade, organic / earth-friendly, and local finds. Feel at peace as you walk into this cute boutique.

Jewelry, bath + body, home, kids, and more! Shopping here, you are helping “a fair-trade cooperative continues to fund educational and healthcare initiatives – or choose a planet-friendly alternative to mass-produced stuff.”

Source: www.mimosagoods.com

The Refill Market in Haddon Township

Another mom and plastic-free leader in NJ communities started The Refill Market for a low-waste living! The Refill Market is in Haddon Township, amongst vegan restaurants, popular bars, and clothing boutiques.

From bulk items to small gift items, The Refill Market has “a focus on natural ingredients, minimal packaging, and small suppliers. The Refill Market provides customers with choices that are better not only for the environment but for themselves.”

They also have an excellent resource for refilling if you have never done it before. Also, you can recycle your waste here! For items that aren’t curbside recyclable and would end up in the landfill, you can recycle here: oral care products, writing instruments, razors, plastic bags, snack pouches, drink pouches, and more!

Source: www.therefillmarketnj.com

Greater Goods Refillery in Manasquan

Greater Goods Refillery offers nontoxic, eco-friendly goods and refills! Newly opened in Manasquan, this is another excellent zero-waste spot for all the beachgoers at the shore and all year round locals. Some products include candles, bath bombs, refill foods, and personal care.

Simple steps are outlined: weigh, tap + tag, fill and finally, pay! Bring your jars to give lotions, soaps, and eco-friendly products this year as a self-care gift basket. Look out for their next Ladies’ Night Out for all our susty queens. They also collect plastic waste and packaging, not curbside recyclable with TerraCycle!

Soure: www.greatergoodsrefillery.com

Guppi Sustainable Clothing Co. in Wildwood

Guppi is your brand if you’re looking for a sustainable comfy beach vibe. All the classic t-shirts, beanies, sweatpants, and all-season comfort: MADE FROM PLASTIC. They are woman-owned, hand-printed, sustainably sourced, and a small business.

You can find Guppi at events, festivals, and community gatherings. This brand is well known to locals. All Jersey Shore lovers want to keep our oceans, marshes, and open land free from plastic pollution. Get relaxed and sustainable with this loungewear down the shore.

Source: www.guppistyle.com

Make it a goal to stop by one of these small business, women-owned, eco-friendly stores this shopping season. If you must buy gifts for the ones you love, make them low-waste and plastic free. Plus, support families close to you and community members making a difference down the street! These are the best places to pick up holiday treasures that are good for the planet and you.

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