Our “Earth Hero” Partnership

The Imperfect Eco is excited to announce our partnership with Earth Hero. Earth Hero is an online marketplace for eco-friendly products. You will support our sustainable lifestyle mission by switching to alternative household products on their website through any link on The Imperfect Eco.

Our website serves as a platform for environmental education and living. We partner with brands by promoting brands, products, and learnings (with a planet-loving mission) to receive a portion of the profit. Earth Hero is an all-encompassing website for our readers to access better and healthier alternative home products.

Earth Hero is comparable to a sustainable Amazon. When The Imperfect Eco finds partners, we search for brands that are responsibly sourced, made from natural ingredients, offer long-term use, and other goals you can see on our about page. You can find everything you need for earth-friendly products from tech, baby, clothing, makeup, home & kitchen, and so many zero-waste options. Earth Hero has one of the most extensive options of products The Imperfect Eco offers.

You can even shop by value. The products include logos on their listing so you can easily spot how to rank the product’s sustainable, social justice, and production efforts. Earth Hero highlights 5 pillars of Sustainable Sourcing.  Each product is examined by materials and ingredients, company responsibility, ownership and representation, packaging, end of life, and giving back.

Search for the logos below to know where your product came from and how it is reaching sustainability goals.

We also wanted to highlight some fantastic reads and products from our own Earth Hero. Earth Hero provides blogs that educate readers on clean energy, home living, and even makeup. When transforming into a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s helpful to have some tips. Below are some great blogs to start your eco-living.

3 Eco-Friendly Trends to Look Out For This Year

Sustainable Living: 5 Ways To Be More Eco-Conscious At Home

How to Create a Nature-Focused Morning Routine

How about fall living? Everyone is eager for pumpkin spice and all things cozy. These new fall arrivals are helping us live our best fall life in a style and eco-friendly.  Check out susty fall below:

Apple Picking Candle 

from P.F. Candle Co.

Winter Remedy Tea Set

from Flying Bird Botanicals

Fanny Pack 

from United By Blue

Cotton Patch Beanie 

from United By Blue

Overall, we just can’t get over Earth Hero. They are the perfect brand for The Imperfect Eco, and we hope you take the time to click through our links and learn about sustainable options for you. We know the season of giving is approaching. Don’t worry; we’ll be promoting all your gifts be eco-friendly. But be sure, if you must buy gifts, check out the materials, ingredients, and businesses making changes for a better planet.

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