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How to Recycle Everything with TerraCycle

A previous post, How to Curbside Recycle, discusses local recycling regulations. Commonly accepted curbside plastics are recognized by resin codes #1 and #2. But there are a lot of plastic products that are not accepted by local services. There is another option for your hard-to-recycle items: TerraCycle.


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TerraCycle operates in 21 countries. The worldwide offices function with upcycled furniture. The company started selling worm poop in a reused coke bottle at retail stores such as Walmart. They even starred in a comedic real-life TV Series on Pivot TV, Human Resources. TerraCycle has been awarded in the United Nations Monument for Change, Fortune Magazine’s Change the World list, and TIME’s #TIME100 Most Influential Companies 2021.

Recycle your hard-to-recycle waste with TerraCycle. They are free and paid services to ship in your trash. For example, the Free Recycling Programs includes over 200 branded programs. Popular brands such as Burt’s Bee’s, Swiffer, Bic, Aussie, Pantene, and others offer free programs to ship in their products. The Free Recycling Programs are separated by brand and sent to TerraCycle for free.

Free Recycling Programs

  1. Collect branded material
  2. Print out the free shipping label
  3. Ship in through over 200 branded programs

Zero Waste Box

Zero Waste Box is a paid service that provides the convenience of collecting all your trash in one box. The Zero Waste Box comes in various options based on the accepted waste items such as kitchen separation, break room, and more. The All-In-One box is a must-have for all things waste.

What happens to the waste?

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When TerraCycle gets your waste, they separate and clean plastic product packaging. Once they are sorted and clean, the material can be broken down into pellets. These small pieces will be melted together to make playgrounds, TC Made products, construction tubing, athletic fields, and more.

Reduce your waste by recycling plastic products you haven’t been able to kick. It can be hard to transform to zero waste living overnight. Zero-waste and plastic-free living with innovative products is a goal but is not accessible to all.

TerraCycle provides sustainable solutions for everyday products at the store. Whether it’s the price tag or lack of options, plastic-free isn’t always what is easiest. Plus, the current system doesn’t offer refill stores or community gardens as much as McDonald’s; not yet anyway. As companies reach sustainability goals, TerraCycle is yours in eliminating waste.

Check out the many options to recycle waste you have at home today!

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