Hot Sustainable Summer

This summer is the hottest summer of our lives. But it’s the coldest summer of the rest of our lives. This slogan has circulated on memes and the internet with climate change at nation’s doorsteps.

It’s Hot, Sustainable Summer. How can we be hot in the rising temperatures and make efforts to mitigate climate disasters? In the face of an existential crisis, everything can feel overwhelming. But we are only one person and will do what we can to change the world!

Outdoor Adventures

Go outside and remember the value of nature. Nature provides us peace of mind, air, water, food, and a home for our species to thrive. The atmosphere is a flourishing environment that provides jungles, deserts, and many other climates. Human actions over the years have caused the atmosphere to change.

Whenever you walk outside, see a bird, or simply breathe, revive the awe you feel. These trigger a neurological response that will remind you why you want to fight for the planet. Besides the feeling, you want your kids and grandkids to have a beautiful biodiverse world to thrive and continue humanity.

Reusable Stasher bags

For any summertime adventure, you need sunscreen, water, and sunglasses. The perfect reusable bag is the new must-have to store necessities for outdoor adventures. These bright-colored bags make you feel good to use them again and again. Plus, they get you excited to stay organized and prepared!

EcoRoots Dry Shampoo

At the beach, go to the club, watch the sunrise, and go to the beach again. No sleep. These days you need dry shampoo to keep your hair looking good.

Go all-natural. Throw dry shampoo on your roots and run your fingers to the ends. These healthy ingredients treat the planet and your body right. In a glass container, the packaging can be recycled after use!

Deodorant Cream

Making the switch to sustainable options can change shape or form. Deodorant cream may take some users by surprise. But sweep them away with vegan ingredients, no aluminum, and a zero-waste option.

EcoRoots Deodorant cream is applied to armpits in coconut, eucalyptus, or lavender scents.

Pick up litter

A few pieces of trash or a whole trash bag can make a difference for an animal tangled in string or trapped in a bottle. A plastic bag by your car or a planned clean-up event, picking up trash wherever you are, benefits your community, local environment, and drinking water.

Get connected to sustainability this summer! How does being outside in the warm weather make you feel more connected to the climate crisis? How can you help? Join our community working on imperfect eco-living.

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