Zero-Waste & Eco-Friendly Home Brands for the New Year

Here is a home guide for the best eco-friendly companies and products that will make your New Year zero-waste. 

Need help going zero waste? The first and best eco-friendly decision is to use what you already have. For example, reuse jars, containers, spray bottles, and anything lying around. These can store homemade cleaning solutions, foods, and lunch on the go. Find creative ways for reusing and upcycling at home single-use products. 

Refill stores are becoming more and more popular. Check if there is a refill store in your area that offers the opportunity to bring and refill your empty containers. From beans to pasta and even liquid products can be refilled, save plastic, and lower your carbon footprint. 

If you are looking to invest in long-lasting products that will help your zero-waste journey, we have some suggestions for you. These products can reduce plastic, prevent toxic chemicals, and limit your waste by the thousands. 

Brands and Products

Blueland is an excellent stop for cleaning products. They offer forever glass bottles labeled for bathroom, all-purpose, and glass. Refillable tablets are available to clean everything from laundry, toilets, and bathtubs. This brand prevents microplastics, damage to wildlife, and pollution.  

Caraway cookware, bakeware, and linens are made and shipped with eco-friendly practices. The ceramic non-stick material is free of Teflon and other toxic chemicals leech into food. Shipping comes in recycled cardboard and is plastic-free. 

Leaf Razor is the best safety, metal razor option. Many safety razors can be challenging to use. The Leaf Razor has a pivoting heading that moves with the shape of whatever you’re shaving!

Who Gives a Crap gives a crap. They offer bamboo and recycled toilet paper and paper towel options. B Corp Certified for environmental impact, plastic-free, and carbon-neutral shipping.

The Earthling Co knows how to get down and sudsy. Shampoo and conditioner bars from this small business are a huge hit. They offer the dish, home, and kitchen products as well. 

Tushy Bidet Are you tired of wiping your butt? How about an easy cleaning? This easy-to-install and heated bidet leave your TUSHY feeling good. Limit your toilet paper use and save money on toilet paper. 

Bite is best known for its toothpaste bits. Their toothbrushes, floss, deodorants are plastic-free, cruelty-free, and made with clean ingredients.  


These zero-waste products can help your imperfect journey for 2022. Again, try your best to repair what’s at home, reduce what you buy, and recycle! But sometimes, investing in long-lasting products can protect waterways, conserve wildlife, and set an example

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