How to Recycle Curbside

Recycling can be a challenge. Every town accepts different waste streams. So, it is easy to get confused with the various ways to recycle. Plus, with so many types of plastic and products used today, the waste streams have broadened significantly. 


Check your Local Municipality

The #1 rule to make sure you recycle correctly is to check with your local municipality. can help you find local recycling information. Your township website will have information on municipal recycling and acceptanceHere is an example of what New York City accepts.

From the Environmental Protection Agency

Read the Triangle Numbers on Plastic

The numbered triangles on plastic products identify the type of plastic. Most people aren’t aware these coded symbols can help them recycle. The Environmental Protection Agency explains that the numbered symbols “can help you determine whether the item is recyclable by your local program.”

Most municipalities cannot afford to recycle every type of plastic. Therefore, towns most commonly accept types 1 and 2 plastic. Once at the facility, the types of plastic are sorted. If the facility cannot recycle types 3-7, they will be sent to a landfill or incinerated. 

From the Environmental Protection Agency

Commonly Recyclable Items

Don’t be discouraged! We must recycle right. Paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, and plastic water bottlesare usually accepted and recycled. Food residue, oil, and uncleanliness can interrupt the recycling process. It is necessary to wash out products and make them clear of other materials. 

Wish-cycling (or throwing items in the blue bin that you wish to be recycled) isn’t efficient. Waste that ends up in the blue bin that is non-recyclable takes time and energy away from recycling. 

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Use TerraCycle for Everything Else

TerraCycle has free recycling programs with over 200 brands. Whatever curbside won’t accept, TerraCycle can recycle everything. From free national programs to Zero Waste Boxes available for purchase, they offer many opportunities to recycle everything. Post to learn more on TerraCycle coming soon! 

Recycling Resources

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