The ho-ho-ho holiday season is here! Time to play winter songs and eat lots of yummy treats. Celebrate with eco-friendly gifts to better the planet and your family’s health journey. Whether you can do one or none of these, learn more about sustainable alternatives to everyday habits.

one singular gift selected with purpose wrapped in brown paper

1. The BIG Gift

Have you ever heard of working smarter, not harder? Instead of multiple small gifts, give one they’ll remember. Popular stocking stuffers such as fuzzy socks and nick-nacks can be swapped to go towards dinner out or a winter coat. These are more useful and memorable. 

One gift will limit wrapping paper and accidentally getting them a present they don’t like! If you can think of one good gift for everyone on your wish list this year, you’ll be minimizing your waste impact and making your presents more meaningful. 

recyclable wrapping for christmas

2. Recyclable Wrapping 

The most recognized recyclable gift wrap is brown paper. Luckily for us, there are many sustainable brands and varieties of wrapping paper. Make sure to take the tape off before putting it in the blue recycle bin. Or even use twine or string to secure the shape. These couple of steps can help make opening presents zero waste!

thank you for shopping local sign

3. Shop Local and Craft Fairs

Shop local! Shop local! Shop local! There are so many brands and small businesses close to home. Most of these local stores are run by families in your community. Not only will you be promoting a unique brand, but you’ll also be helping family businesses right next door. 

Check out local craft fairs. These one-of-a-kind gifts are made by hand and support your town’s artists. Craft fairs are the place for special and heartfelt treasures. Often the items will be holiday-themed and always made with love. 

holiday market

4. Nonprofits are fun!

You might not know it, but there are local nonprofits in your area! They are striving to improve your community and help those in need. Whether they protect the environment, save animals, or promote education, support these community organizations by checking out their shops. From t-shirts to mugs to gift cards, nonprofits are a great holiday gift shop and way to support local communities. Especially ones that are helping the environment!

cooking christmas cookies

5. Experience Gifts

Gifting an experience is one of the best ways to limit waste and create memories. A new activity, event, or trip stimulates the body and brain. The options are endless, from concert tickets, movie passes, cooking classes, and restaurant gift cards. They are the perfect day trip or night out. Plus, they don’t clutter the house! Give your loved ones a moment in time that they’ll remember, instead of a nick-nack they’ll forget.  

6. Sustainable Brands

Check out The Imperfect Eco for top-rated environmentally friendly brands and information coming soon. Keep following us to find a community committed to environmental justice. Watch out for innovated and committed partnerships.  

A sustainable brand gift guide will be coming out this month! Until then, so many companies outline their goals and make eco-friendly holidays easy. 

homemade ornaments

7. Homemade Ornaments 

Homemade ornaments are the best way to get creative and earth friendly. There are many reusable objects at home to get crafty for the holidays, from paper, popsicle sticks, twigs, oranges, and dough. You can get personal by adding photos to your design for a heartfelt gesture. Family and friends will celebrate this gift hanging on their Christmas tree for years to come.

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