Why Imperfect Eco?

We are imperfect. We are still learning alongside you. Our lifestyles are normalized to be cluttered with single-use plastic, mindless purchases, and toxic chemicals. From stores to the media, it can be nearly impossible to find healthier options that are in reach. 

The Imperfect Eco’s mission is to provide environmentally friendly alternatives for household products and knowledge that are accessible to all. During the climate crisis, it is easy to feel hopeless. We want to help. The Imperfect Eco empowers individuals to choose conscious brands and homemade reusables supported by a resourceful community.


The technological for sustainable solutions are here. From renewable energies to food production to personal items, technology is available. Some towns utilize solar panels, geothermal energy, and wind turbines. Some people live zero-waste and carbon-neutral lifestyles. However, most of the consumer culture continues to emit greenhouse gasses and waste into the ecosystem. We strive to jump into and share the imperfect eco lifestyle with you. 

Grassroots Movements

The climate crisis indeed requires collective action from corporations and political leaders. However, a Harvard University professor has proven that it only takes 3.5% of the population to participate and result in significant change. We are here to support and inspire that three-point-five percent, even if they aren’t perfect environmentalists. 

When you buy products from conscious companies or companies committed to carbon-neutral, plastic-free, or intersectional justice, you choose not to support large corporations. These are the same corporations that are the largest contributors to the climate crisis. PepsiCo, The Coca Cola Company, and The Kroger Company were the top three plastic polluters for 2020 from Break Free from Plastic’s most recent Brand Audit. You can support a green future with what you buy.

Make a Difference

You don’t have to change your lifestyle overnight. We know that probably won’t happen. Going imperfect eco doesn’t have to be all or nothing. As Anne Marie Bonneau, a zero-waste chef, once said:

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.

This quote emphasizes how all of our small steps can make cumulative achievements. 

We want to create space for individuals to be imperfect environmentalists. We continue to work towards sizeable collective action from companies and global leaders. We encourage everyone to reach out to their community, join local chapters, vote, and continue to learn more about sustainability here at The Imperfect Eco.  

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